Project Description

Summary of Work Completed

Autism Edmonton enhances the lives of families and individuals living with autism, by providing life-long support and creating awareness, acceptance, and opportunities in the Edmonton community.

Per the request of Lauren McGuinness, Autism Edmonton’s Manager of Programs and Services, I prepared a report to provide input and a preliminary analysis regarding Autism Edmonton’s IT infrastructure, which ultimately plays a key role in managing Autism Edmonton’s data and information, their community outreach, and effectiveness in communicating with members.

After discussing my role as a volunteer for the “Navigation Project”, which would have involved updating and checking links on their “Next Steps” PDFs, I had many questions and concerns regarding the current (manual) tools and systems in place at Autism Edmonton.

Therefore Lauren asked me to offer my professional point-of-view and feedback on the current state of IT/ website/ membership management/ communications at Autism Edmonton, taking into consideration the limited information and resources that Autism Edmonton had available.

I also prepared an essay based on my Management course assignment at Athabasca University.

Documents Prepared


Adopting Powerful Information Technology
and Web Systems to Power
Member Communities in a
Non-Profit Organization



Management Evaluation of
Organizational Structure



Amanda Sokol, Volunteer Coordinator
Autism Edmonton