Project Description

Content management systems offer users a suite of tools to do their own web publishing, content management, mass e-mailing, and e-commerce.

The most popular CMS systems are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, which are open-source and free.

ShoutCMS is unique in what it does for business owners, and had to be positioned in a market facing other competing proprietary products.



Project Outline

Since 1998, Mediashaker has been designing websites for businesses and ecommerce, specializing in helping associations and clubs manage online member-based activities.

Over time, they’ve developed their own flagship project, ShoutCMS. With 600+ installs, they wanted to launch their product globally.

I wrote a marketing plan for ShoutCMS as part of my eMarketing course at Athabasca University.

The Solution

The marketing strategy involved bringing the ShoutCMS brand into the spotlight. I showed how Mediashaker could position ShoutCMS as a customized product for business owners, carrying more product features than the competition, including an all-in-one fully-featured system with security measures, controls and pushed automatic updates, exceeding that of the competition.

What Mediashaker Said

Jennifer’s work is outstanding. We’ve hired agencies and the work she produces exceeds industry standards.
Shannon Routley, VP of Business Development, Mediashaker